The queens of Miss Beautiful Nigerian Girl were hosted in Enugu State while in Enugu State spoke to Chioma Jumbo Blog about their dreams, goals and aspirations in life.

Of course they enjoyed visiting the beautiful city of Enugu State and were full of praise for the organizers of the online pageantry. Cutylight Empire is a household name in Enugu state, know for organising events that promotes beauty, hard work and decency.

Eze Stephen in a exclusive interview with Chioma Jumbo Blog expressed how happy and lucky she is.

“I applied because I really love pageants but I never knew I would win”

Speaking on what she hopes to achieve with her new position, she said education remains the key and would do all she can to encourage the youths to go back to school.

“There is need to educate the girl child, girls are not meant for just the kitchen anymore. The girl child could be so much more”

Stephanie also noted that she will submit proposals to lots of organizations who will partner with her to make her dream come true.

“I want to the girl child to have access to good education, it will make the world a better place”

Mercy who is the 1st runner up couldn’t stop smiling? She told Chioma Jumbo Blog that having this interview means she can achieve anything that she sets her mind on.

She plans to use her talent as a script writer to tell stories that will change the world.

She is also open for partnership with movie producers. This amazing queen is also a baker. It doesn’t get better than this.

Our 3rd runner up is also a total package and to prove that she is a humanitarian, she is already working with an NGO that fights for the liberation of the girl child.

Cuty light Empire has so much more coming. Keep following this blog. We are here to bring all the goodness to you.

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